Lab Check

Every result is critical.
When was the last time you checked the performance of your essential equipment?

Basic benchtop equipment are critical parts of routine workflows, however they are often overlooked as part of routine laboratory maintenance. Regular checks to ensure they perform as per their specification is critical, as small changes in any workflow can impact your results and findings.


Join scientists all over Australia and New Zealand and check your essential everyday equipment* to make sure it is functioning correctly.
Use the links below for instrument specific checklists to guide you in your routine benchtop equipment maintenance and performance check.

*Applies to all laboratory equipment including but not exclusive to Thermo Fisher.
Lab Check is a voluntary lab based self-diagnostic and maintenance program. Interpretation on results can vary between users, as such Thermo Fisher Scientific does not certify the performance of any instrument checked under this program.
Once you confirm you have successfully completed the recommend checks and registered the results Thermo Fisher Scientific will provide you with a certificate of participation for your records for each item.
Thermo Fisher Scientific recommends that you print and complete the checklists for each instrument. This document should be stored as evidence of your instrument performance as part of your instrument history, it also allows you to monitor drifts in performance.

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