R2B Program - Terms & Conditions


• The Rent to Buy (R2B) Program is only applicable for Customers using Thermo Fisher Scientific Rentals service. It is only applicable for products currently within the rental fleet in Australia. Other products may be considered upon negotiation, so please talk to your local sales representative in the first instance or the Rentals Manager.

• There is no minimum rental period to take activate the R2B Program discount.

• The discount applies only to the last rental from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Discounts can’t be accumulated with multiple rentals. The discount is off the standard list price at the time of purchase.

• The maximum discount is set at 50% of the monthly rental rate for the specific item rented. So multiple months’ rental will only attract a maximum discount up to this level. When rented as part of a range of equipment the purchase discount is only applied based on the rental rate of the item being purchased and not the other items in that particular rental.

• The applicable rental fees must be paid in full in order to proceed with the R2B Program offer of purchasing a new unit at the discounted rate.

• Notification in writing (e.g. Email) of intent to purchase the rented unit at the R2B Program discount is required within two (2) weeks post return of the rental equipment in order for the R2B Program to be activated. There is no obligation on the renter to purchase a unit even if an intention to purchase is stated.

• Normal warranty terms apply per any equipment purchased.

• The R2B Terms and Conditions can be altered at any time at the discretion of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The Rent to Buy (R2B) program can be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

• All standard Rental Terms & Conditions apply to all rentals. These can be found at www.thermofisher.com.au within the rentals section. Similarly, all standard Thermo Fisher Scientific Terms and Conditions apply.

• Thermo Fisher Scientific does not accept any liability for any loss or damages to property, commercial operations or persons for equipment used whilst under the R2B Program.


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